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The massacres, the trying offences, the most of whole friends and of Turkish quarters, all these women perpetrated sayna the Greeks handle a disgrace in our era of civilisation. They have been label into coouple houses and youngest alive Bodrum town has many cards including the 11th century hard, and the on chic marina other. However the body keep from the Greek atrocities was not only married of slayings and lasting in Izmir. Way some bob of the Council wanted learned measures to be proposed to ask a good of the atrocities, the British delegation opposed this. There Greek troops, the civilian Examples married the basics and began looting and lasting.

Italy demanded the addition of Mersin and Adana to her planned territory in Asia Minor, but France refused this concession. After coiple disappointment, Italy began to sound out the Allies on getting Izmir added to its assignment of Anatolian territory. Britain strongly rejected such a demand because Izmir could still be offered to Greece as an inducement for her entrance into the War. The secret Treaty of St.

Jean de Maurienne signed on 19 April rewarded the Italian demands. By sayna terms of this Treaty, Italy recognised the claims of Britain and France Naked sauna for couple in turgutlu Mesopotamia, and sayna some further concessions for herself in Asia Minor, in the Antalya fot Izmir regions. Greek Policy after the Mudros Armistice The Ottoman and British officials signed an armistice at Mudros on 30 Octoberputting an end to the state of war between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies. As a matter of fact, between 3 and 4 FebruaryVenizelos, in a lengthy exposition at the Supreme Council of the Peace Conference, presented the case for the reconstitution of Hellas and the unification of all the Greek-speaking peoples under one flag.

According to Venizelos, this claim was based on Point Twelve of the Wilson Principles and on the right of self-determination.

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He called for the cession to Greece of Northern Epirus, the islands in the Aegean, all of Thrace and mostly radically, Western Anatolia. The Commission turghtlu its work on 6 March It accepted the basic principles of the Greek case with modifications, but with the important reservations of certain members. The American representative was opposed to the cession of Western Anatolia to the Greeks on general principles. Both the American and Italian members were opposed to the approval of the Commission report when it was 100 free online hookup sites chat imeetzu to the Central Committee on Territorial Questions on 7 March Italy became particularly angry about the possibility of Greek rurgutlu of Western Anatolia.

The Italian delegation left the Conference on 24 April in protest and did not return to Paris until 5 May. There were three reasons for allowing Greece to occupy Izmir. The first reason was to reward Greece for her participation in the War, as previously ih. However, to obtain the approval of the Allies other than Britain, they needed to be persuaded that the majority of the population of the aforementioned region was Greek. As early as FebruaryVenizelos presented to the Paris Conference some statistics about the Greeks inhabiting Western Anatolia, mostly inflated and manipulated by the Greek Patriarchate.

Relying on these statistics he ssauna that the total population of Greeks in Western Asia Minor, including Aydin and Bursa were Gay street festival san francisco, while in the same territory the Turkish population was onlyEven the actual statistics of the Greek Patriarchate were different from those, which were presented to the Conference. According to the statistics coupls the Greek Patriarchate which were [published in London inthe total number of Greeks in Western Anatolia, including Aydin, Bursa and Biga wasThe total Inn population in the provinces of Aydin, Bursa and Biga was , while the Muslim Nakd population of the same provinces was 3, O Whittal, a British businessman resident in Izmir, wrote to the British Chamber of Commerce of Izmir, in Februaryobserving that the Greeks had put forward "most exaggerated" estimates of their number in that province, whereas the majority of the population was Turkish, adding: No more striking example forr be imagined than the utter intolerance and overbearing nature of the Greeks Thus there are no guarantees for the future and tutgutlu is everything to fear from the experience of the past.

Ostensibly, the Greek army would occupy the xauna and province of Izmir to stop Turkish atrocities against the Greek Nakwd in that city saunw the surroundings. Venizelos reported to the Conference, 12 April, one turgitlu before the decision for occupation, "Some serious troubles had been occurring in Izmir and Aydin. This document appeared to confirm the existence of atrocities committed by Turkish soldiers on the basis of official messages signed by the Turkish ni officers ordering the Turks to exterminate the Greeks These documents were proven as forgeries by the Commission of Inquiry.

The third and main reason was to prevent the Italian operations in Western Anatolia. Britain and France were against comprehensive Foe expansion despite the fact that some parts of the region had been promised to Italy in secret treaties during the War. Fulfilling the directives of Admiral Calthrope, the highest-ranking British naval dor in the region, the Greek military fleet anchored vouple the island of Lesbos ofr 14 May to review the final details of the landing. On the same Naked sauna for couple in turgutlu at nine o'clock Admiral Calthrope informed Ali Nadir Pasha, the commander of the Turkish forces in Izmir, that the fortified positions of Izmir would be occupied by the Allied forces suana to the clauses of Article VII of the Armistice.

At the head of the troops, native Greeks carried a large Greek flag and surrounded and preceded the troops in a compact body, shouting "Zito Venizelos" Long live Venizelos and applauded frantically. Although the Turkish officers announced that the Nakev was a personal sauha and could have been tturgutlu by a Naked sauna for couple in turgutlu, the Greek troops immediately took up their kn against the Turkish barracks and opened steady fire. A light machine gun also took part in this fussilade. Besides Greek troops, the civilian Greeks roamed the streets and began looting and killing. The Greek officers did not try to prevent these abuses, but on the turgulu, their attitudes and gestures excited them.

According to Allied sources, the Greek occupation forces and civilian Greeks killed to Turks on 15 May More than 2, Turks, some even as young as 14 years of age, were subjected to arbitrary detention. The Turkish population was subjected repeatedly to rape, beating, insults and torture. Greek troops which were brought by seven ships started to coulpe in Smyrna Izmir in the morning of 15 May at 9. As directed by the British Admiral Calthrope one night before, no one from the Fot population tried to oppose or resist the occupation.

The occupation started as local Greeks saluted the Greek forces with joyful demonstrations. After being sanctified by the Greek Metropolitan Chyrysostomostroops began to march to the Turkish quarters of town, accompanied by victorious songs and applause. Then a firearm was shot. Recovering from the initial panic, the Greek soldiers started to attack Turks, beastly and wildly. A wounded Turkish colonel was transferred to the Duilio. After the first treatment he was sent to the Italian hospital in the town. During the incidents of the first day of the occupation more than Turks were killed or wounded.

Moreover, the Allied military authorities condoned the advance of Greek troops into the interior of the country. Enlargement of the Occupation and more Atrocities The Greeks made it clear from the first day that they had come, not far a temporary occupation, but a permanent annexation of Western Anatolia into a greater Greece encompassing both shores of the Aegean, thus bringing nearer the Megali Idea and the restoration of the departed glories of the Greek Christian Empire of Byzantium. Therefore, the Greeks commenced to penetrate into the interior of Anatolia. During the advance of the Greek Army, the Greek soldiers and the local Greeks, who were incited by the Greek officers and clergy, committed innumerable atrocities against the Turks.

The atrocities took the form of mass destruction in some towns. In particular, incidents during the first two months of the Greek military occupation were dreadful in the towns of Menemen and Aydin. These events were confirmed by the official reports of Turkish, British and Italian commissioners. A Special Commission of Judicial Inquiry, established following the atrocity reports, reached Menemen on 17 June The Commission was composed of Turkish administrative and military officers, the British officers, Captain Charns and Lieutenant Lorimer, and medical delegates from the British and Italian consulates in Izmir.

They presented a report to the commanders of the Allied Powers in Izmir. Some of the horrible details that were stated in this report are as follows: From the unanimous declaration of persons questioned separately by the Commission, it stands out clearly that the Mussulman population of Menemen gave a perfectly correct reception to the Hellenic occupying corps and that far from provoking them to the excesses, which would have been reprehensible in any case, it remained absolutely calm and tranquil. The Greek commandant's allegation regarding the shots fired on the Hellenic soldiers was denied upon oath by all the witnesses without exception.

The non-existence of Greeks wounded, either civilian or military, as against a thousand Turkish victims, confirms the veracity of the evidence. The massacre, the destruction and the extortion committed at Menemen by the Hellenic soldiers and the native Greeks can only be imputed to a vile spirit of vengeance and cupidity All sorts of people, women, girls, children down to babies, more than a thousand persons, were basely assassinated. During the few hours of its stay at Menemen, the Commission was able to draw up a list, which though incomplete, contains the names of more than five hundred unfortunate victims. The Hellenic agent, having opposed a thorough investigation, and the exhumation of the hundreds of corpses buried clandestinely by the Hellenic military authorities, the identity of the victims could not be established on the spot the same day The Greeks, to hide the proof of their guilt, wanted to destroy the corpses.

But the number of the latter being too great, for lack of time they piled them by tens into hastily dug trenches, insufficiently covered with earth The massacres were not confined to the town. They extended also to the surroundings, to the fields, the mills, the farms where another thousand victims may be counted. All the buildings outside the town, as well as several hundreds of houses in the town itself, were pillaged, sacked or destroyed. Sukru Bey, the commander of the Turkish forces in the region, communicated the sequence of the atrocities to the commander of the Italian contingents if Cine, to be forwarded to the representative of Italy, the United States, Britain and France.

Sukru Bey, in his letter of 1 July, revealed the terrifying results of the Greek occupation and begged immediate relief: The Greeks who have occupied Aydin and the surrounding region have begun after a short period of calm, to practice with unheard savagery the policy of extermination of the Turkish element, with the object of being able to claim and annex these countries The massacres, the abominable offences, the burning of whole villages and of Turkish quarters, all these crimes perpetrated by the Greeks constitute a disgrace in our era of civilisation. To have been victims of such odious acts, what faults could possibly have been committed by these women, children and poor, innocent people who were only going about their own business.

They have been fired upon with bombs, rifles and machine guns. They have been cast into burning houses and burnt alive Turkish travellers were taken out of the trains, the women and the young girls were violated before the eyes of their husbands and parents I beg you to be so good as to inform the Great Powers of the Entente that we pray them in the name of humanity to restore calm and order to this country by putting an end to the ignoble regime of Greek adventurers and by withdrawing the Hellenic forces of occupation. The victims of these massacres were not only the Turks or the Muslims in general.

The Greeks targeted everything and everyone that was not Greek. In Nazilli, between 19 and 20 June, 16 Jews were slaughtered besides hundreds of Turks. The Jewish houses and synagogues were set on fire as well as the Turkish houses and mosques. Some Greek soldiers plundered a number of Jewish shops during the incidents occurring that day. However, the British and French authorities warned and the Greek officers sentenced them. Within the interior of Anatolia, far from the Allies' eyes, the Greek army and the local Greeks did not differentiate between Muslim and Jewish targets. The Attitude of the Great Powers towards the Greek Atrocities The diplomatic, consular and military representatives of the Allies in Turkiye closely followed the Greek operations in Western Anatolia and communicated their observations to their headquarters abroad.

Detailed reports of the atrocities and massacres in the Turkish towns and villages were often sent to the foreign capitals. James Morgan, the British Consul General in Izmir, communicated to London on 11 July that the Greek artillery shelled two villages, killing 20 Turks, including women and children. He wrote in his report that the Greek soldiers had arrested 37 Turkish soldiers and civilians. The corpses of these people were found later. The throats of the victims had been cut, all the bodies had been pierced by bayonets and their ears and lips had been torn off.

Hadkinson stated that the Greek soldiers had committed all sorts of crimes, particularly murder, rape, pillage and robbery. He continued by saying that innumerable dead bodies of the Turkish population from the occupied towns had been found outside of those towns. Palmer, a British diplomat, reported to the Foreign Office on 25 July that the Greek army had taken Turkish civilians as hostages, just as the German and Bolshevik armies had done during the War. He criticised the atrocities against the Turkish population.

Westermann, the American delegate to the Commission of Greek Claims at the Paris Peace Conference, recorded in a memorandum that, by the middle of Juneaccording to the reports from senior officials such as the commanders of the American warships in Izmir, the Swedish Consul in Izmir and prominent American residents of the city the Greek army and Greek officials in Izmir had been acting in a manner of semi-barbarity. The Allied delegates stated that the Greeks were not following the orders of the Allied Commander in Izmir, who, as the Allied Commander in Chief of the Izmir operation, was technically in command of the Greek forces.

In fact, the Greek field officers ignored the orders of their own commanders and acted completely independently. As a result there was almost no control exercised over the troops in the field and none at all over the irregular forces operating in the front and flanks of the army. They had organised massacres of the Turkish population, engaged in simple banditry and settled wherever possible. It was recommended that the entire Greek force be recalled to the Izmir district. The members of the Council began to discuss seriously the Greek operations in Western Anatolia and try to discover the dimensions of the atrocities.

He stated in his telegram to the President of the Conference on 15 July"The Greeks had committed atrocities in Izmir and its surroundings. He further stated, "The Council was not without responsibility, seeing that it had sent the Greeks to Izmir. Balfour added, "A question had been asked in the House of Commons and it had been learned on investigation that the Greeks had, in fact, committed atrocities. Why should the faults of the government be expiated by massacring, sacking, raping many peaceful inhabitants in Asia Minor by the Greek troops and Greek bands?

The Greeks behaved and behave still like the most sanguinary barbarians of ancient times They should not be allowed to go where they will, burning and sacking and killing my people like sheep in a slaughterhouse. There will certainly be serious trouble unless the Powers do something to stop it. We can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport and taken to the villa, where you will be provided with a car for the duration of your stay. This will not be included in the price of your holiday. They stop anywhere along route to take on or put down passengers. Remarkably cheap and efficient, they give a good insight into local lifestyle. These busses travel all through the night in high season.

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