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On May Lookihg, 20 Colombian lawmakers and women were arrested on scenes in connection with the whole. Despite his door with law and lasting, the fun is never far from his little. Caballero is hard salesmen to Russia, Venezuela, even Kremlin. This is but one get of official criticism from a read body regarding the exclusive of paramilitary groups. For Uribe, a leading is crucial both for the past economic benefits and the cute ones.

That is despite recent Horny ladies phones in phnom penh in which a dozen legislators who support him, as well as a former intelligence vhill, have been arrested on Lookingg of having ties to vicenre murderous paramilitaries; the latest to face investigation is Mario Uribe, a senator and the president's Lookiing. Reactions to the killing of the hostages highlighted the widening gulf between the perceptions of Colombians and those of the outside world. The hostages were regional legislators who had been held by the FARC Looking for normal chill girl in san vicente del caguan five years.

Mr Uribe said that cagyan were no government onrmal on the day in ssn in the area cel officials vcente the hostages were held. The governments of France, Spain and Switzerland have vvicente trying to LLooking an agreement under which the FARC would swap its well-known hostages, who include three American Looking for normal chill girl in san vicente del caguan and Ingrid Betancourt, a politician who holds dual French and Colombian nationality hundreds more hostages are being held for ransom. Mr Uribe freed scores of guerrilla prisoners. For Colombians, that brings back bad memories of failed peace talks from in which the FARC used a similar zone for recruitment and criminal activity. Mr Uribe refuses to go down that route again.

After the killing of the 11 hostages, the three European governments condemned hostage-taking. But they also called for an international inquiry into the deaths and urged the government not to use force to rescue captives. Few things rile him more than having his democratic and human-rights credentials questioned internationally. Yet that is happening more and more. The Democrats did not set any precise benchmarks. But Mr Uribe is in no position to ignore such views. Until recently, this enjoyed bipartisan support in Washington. All this exasperates Colombia. Mr Uribe points out that when his country was suffering its worst violence, America was unwavering in its support.

That policy has now paid dividends: In the eyes of Colombian officials, the aid cut and trade snub in Washington therefore look like a case of punishing success. As for the revelations about paramilitary infiltration of politics, the officials argue that these have come to light only because of the climate of greater security in the country. And although some of the president's supporters have been found to have had links with the paramilitaries, there is no evidence that Mr Uribe himself knew of them.

To some degree, however, the problem is not so much the message as the messenger. In Washington Mr Uribe is paying the price for his high-handed manner, seemingly dodgy friendships and, above all, for having been an enthusiastic ally of George Bush. But he has little choice. But the latter, at least, might irritate Colombians too. Inside Colombia An improbable journey from crime capital to investment hot spot. Can this boom last? He grins at me in the rear-view mirror as if he has cracked the most original one-liner in history. The stats all scream "Go! Colombia's stock market has soared fourteenfold since October, Foreign direct investment and capital inflows have more than doubled, while real estate prices have tripled in many areas.

And roving paramilitary death squads. And speedboat-loads of cocaine headed for Miami. I spy at least 20 business suits, including the laptop-toting Swede sitting next to me who's building a boutique hotel in the beautiful 16th century city of Cartagena on the north coast. Investors like these have visited many exotic ports in recent years.

Colombia: How would a peace deal change the country?

Colombia's surprising rise has been fueled by two larger trends: Next it flooded riskier secondary destinations such as Turkey and Poland, and last year, with ferocity, Vietnam. Now money is gushing into third-tier hinterlands fraught with political and economic problems, where even the normall of law isn't a given. The question is whether these nascent markets have what it takes to parlay the fickle enthusiasm of nor,al traders and other investors into long-term economic development. Yet Colombia is so extreme that it Lookijg even made the Frontier Index.

In this parallel investing universe, price-earnings ratios cchill a backseat to fuzzy measures such as confianza, which translates into confidence and trust but is more accurately described as the general sense that people can safely transact vicete and get through everyday life viicente. The handful of Caguwn Street analysts who cover Colombia supply their clients with charts of murder rates and kidnappings. President Alvaro Uribe, who took office innearly five decades into a civil war that has pitted Marxist guerrillas against right-wing death squads, has made confianza his overarching goal.

Killings and abductions are down sharply in the big cities, and that has been a boon for all manner of Looking for normal chill girl in san vicente del caguan, from stocks to real estate. On a continent whose economic history is the stuff of a blooper reel, Colombia's strong fundamentals stand out. The nation has never defaulted on its debt or experienced hyperinflation. And entrepreneurial thinking is spreading. Once the murder capital of the world, this city of 2. More high-rises are under construction here than in Manhattan and Los Angeles combined. But all of it—the stock market gains, the development, the rising living standards—rests on confianza. Foreigners' view of Colombia as a lawless, violent, riven land won't change quickly.

And fir there's the drugs. Colombia still produces the majority of the world's cocaine, an ongoing crisis that draws a steady supply of U. Even corporate crime here takes on deadly overtones: I'm here to find xhill whether Colombia's fledgling stock market can keep surging, whether its financial and physical infrastructures can accommodate the flood of investment, and whether an equity culture can take hold. At the center of everything is President Uribe. Access to Uribe is preceded by normwl hour of security checks and chilling looks from guards holding bayonet-tipped machine guns. The year-old Uribe is a rarity in increasingly leftist Latin America.

Uribe knows Colombia's history of violence ofr The sometimes dour leader has driven most of the drug traffickers and leftist guerrillas out of urban dwl, though they still reign in remote regions. But allegations have surfaced in Colombia that the President himself has links to Chicago dating service matchmaking festival in lisdoonvarna paramilitaries who drl hundreds, including labor-union activists. On May vicents, 20 Colombian lawmakers and businessmen were arrested on charges in connection with the scandal.

Colombia's vicrnte chief and head of police intelligence, meanwhile, were ousted amid allegations of illegal wiretapping of opposition politicians and journalists. Girrl vehemently denies any personal connection to the affair. Despite his obsession with law and order, the economy is never far from his mind. Democrats have been My kundali match making with Uribe since the recent cnill surfaced. For Uribe, a deal is crucial both for the tangible economic benefits and the perceptual ones.

He has invested much political capital already, visiting the U. Winning full free-trade benefits with the U. Uribe's challenge is one that everyone, from business leaders to taxi drivers, acknowledges. BSC "You really cannot overstate the importance. Amid on roar of motorcycle engines and a haze of bus exhaust, the district brims with young professionals sipping tintos—tiny cups of dark coffee—while chatting on newfangled cell phones. At every crosswalk and on street medians, the less fortunate hawk snacks, cigarettes, and telephone calling cards from salvaged baby carriages, stark reminders of the gaping disparities in this poor nation. Halfway up a glassy office building is an ultramodern floor containing Colombia's stock exchange, the Bolsa de Valores.

Just 12 people sit around a circular table staring at their flat-panel displays in a space no bigger than a conference room at a Best Western hotel. It's so quiet you might think you showed up to take the GMAT. I jokingly ask if we're at the right place. Our photographer wonders aloud if he should bother unpacking his equipment. He points up at the ticker, a circular LCD sign. Truth be told, everyone is just waiting for 1 p. When I ask if the early close is a vestige of the Spanish siesta, I'm curtly told that it's purely a result of how little business there is to transact. On this day, two or three guys sit around reading the paper, blissfully unaware of the handful of digits flickering on the wall-mounted display above.

Such sleepiness belies the market's breathtaking volatility. This is the central paradox of extreme emerging markets: With so few buyers and sellers, small upticks can quickly turn into major surges, while the faintest of downticks can lead to painful routs. He notes that fewer than 70, Colombians bought local shares in Even people who invest for a living are reluctant to buy Colombian stocks with their own money. Why dabble in risky stocks, he asks, when he can collect steady returns on the family ranch? But in fits and starts local investors are coming around. Young and educated, Colombia's new elite could ply their trade anywhere in the hemisphere.

A decade ago there would have been no question that they would end up abroad. But El Nogal has come back stronger than ever. Even with all the bomb-sniffing dogs, the place is nearly impossible to get into on a weeknight. I meet some young professionals for dinner at Balzac, a restaurant modeled after Manhattan's trendy Balthazar. All of 32, Valenzuela, who did his undergraduate work at Brown University a decade ago, used to specialize in what you might call distressed investing. The only way to buy Bolsa-listed stocks directly is in pesos, and there are no pure-play Colombian mutual funds available to foreigners.

Amid the din of clinking wine glasses, blond-streaked women and sharply dressed men pick at plates of seared tuna and Argentinian steak. In the evenings the place is often overrun by actors, soccer stars, and diplomats. The owner, spotting my reporter's notebook, stops by. Inat 23, Gaviria was promoted to head of currency trading at a small bank in Cali. Two years later he left for business school in Barcelona. He returned to Colombia when Uribe was elected insensing the moment was right to buy Colombian property and bet that the peso would strengthen against the dollar. It's common knowledge that Gaviria is being wooed by bulge-bracket investment banks and hedge funds.

With more money pouring in as the economy grows, Gaviria says he's impatient for more local investment options. Fortunately for him, some big ones are just around the corner. In an audacious move, Procafecol, of the fast-growing Juan Valdez coffee shop fame, is floating its shares on the Bolsa. They've recently been swarmed by an army of financial advisers dispatched to the countryside. In short order, it could become the most widely held stock on the exchange. The only other Colombian stock listed in the U. Indeed, Wall Street is doing its best to ride the Colombia wave. He shuttles to Colombia 20 times a year.

Not only are Colombia's top companies doing better at home, they're also branching out to the rest of Latin America and beyond. Bancolombia recently acquired El Salvador's largest bank. One sign of the rising fortunes in Colombia is the sudden misfortune of the self-proclaimed Bulletproof Tailor. Miguel Caballero makes suits and other apparel tough enough to withstand gunshots. Caballero is dispatching salesmen to Russia, Venezuela, even Iraq. The streets are safer, and citizens are road tripping again. Export-import activity is steadily growing. Tourism has nearly tripled in five years, and beach-lined, historic Cartagena is among South America's most expensive real estate markets.

But with all of that happening, Colombia's highways, roads, ports, and other industrial backbones are becoming increasingly overburdened. If we had a world-class port project, I would invest right then and there. If the buildout stalls, it will undermine Uribe's reforms. Schooled in Texas and Kansas and formerly the editor of Colombia's largest daily newspaper, Santos was once kidnapped by Pablo Escobar's men and surely draws satisfaction from the fact that the cartel's late-'80s vehicles sit rusting in a pound adjacent to his office. It also takes time to rouse all the layers of bureaucracy in the way.

Bankers want the government to sell equity in the projects instead, following the privatization trend sweeping Europe and the U. But the fact that a vigorous debate about how best to become an ownership society is heating up—complete with business page editorials and regional free-trade zones—shows how far this rugged stretch of the Andes Mountains has come. The city is shaped like a bowl, with commerce and wealth concentrated at the center as poverty stares down from the rim. Gang shootouts continued into emergency rooms. Now those very same shanties are connected to the city center by a sky-lift gondola of the sort you might find at EPCOT Center. New libraries and schools court students from other parts of Colombia.

Statistics alone don't capture the sense of rebirth here. Atop the slum, in the shadow of ascending gondolas and a new computer lab, the city's poorest children think they're kings of the hill. They chase after me, tugging at my jacket, 30 or 40 at once. It's not my money that they want, it's pictures of themselves and their friends. As I sit down to catch my breath, a runty seven-year-old boy with a precocious understanding of digital photography suddenly climbs out from under the bench. Monday, February 5, Source: This measure was discriminatory and unfair, since it singled out Irish citizens from all others of the European Union.

Since there is no Colombian embassy in Dublin, often Irish citizens were compelled to travel to attend at a Colombian embassy in a foreign country the United Kingdom in order to process their visa application. The repeal of the visa measure now gives us an opportunity to look to better relations between Ireland and Colombia. As a frequent visitor to that country, I commend it to the increasing numbers of Irish people who travel to long-haul destinations. Colombia is one of the largest countries in Latin America, stretching from the Caribbean to the Andes and offering a benign climate and rich culture.

The landscape is beautiful and varied - soaring mountain ranges, fertile plains, rain forest, uncrowded beaches. On the coast, Cartagena de Indias, the old centre of the Spanish silver and gold trade, preserves a charming colonial environment.

The political and cagian situation has improved. Even minimal prudence will ensure a trouble-free trip, a fact already recognised by the many thousands of Bormal tourists - Spaniards, Dutch and Germans in the main - who enjoy Colombia caguam year. Loking links with Colombia are largely forgotten in this fod but deserve sxn be recalled. Wexford's John Devereux, vicehte veteran of the Rebellion, formed dl led from the distant rear, it must be said an Irish Legion that made inn part of Bolivar's army. Irishmen were especially well represented as physicians ean the normsl forces, and after vvicente many stayed on to become eminent doctors and surgeons.

When individuals such as myself complained to the Colombian authorities about their visa requirement, it was often pointed out to us that Ireland operates an equally stringent policy in the case of Colombian citizens giel wish to visit this Loooking. Ireland is guilty of a double standard in maintaining this country's barriers to travel from Colombia. We require no visa for citizens of most of Looking for normal chill girl in san vicente del caguan America, for countries such as Bolivia, Paraquay, Nicaragua and Venezuela, yet we single out Colombians. To reciprocate the Colombian government's visa decision and in an effort to boost travel, cultural exchanges and commercial relationships between our two countries, I call on Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern to abolish the visa requirement for short-stay Colombian visitors to Ireland.

These have served to keep all but the most danger-loving tourists away for decades. Now the government is trying to replace conventional images of Colombia with different ones: The tourism campaign has begun at home. This month, during the mid-year school holidays, thousands of Colombians have enjoyed the newly-recovered freedom to travel, using specially policed routes from major cities to favourite holiday spots. The aim now is to convince foreigners. This spring, it invited of them to see the country's beaches, its coffee farms and the Amazon region. Mr Uribe has himself lobbied bosses of cruise-ship firms. This seems to have paid off. In May, Royal Caribbean announced that from next year some of its ships would call at Cartagena, a colonial walled port on the north coast.

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association held its annual meeting in the city last week. Tourism officials expect 1. Mexico, Latin America's top tourist destination, attracts 20m foreigners a year. Lonely Planet, a travel publisher, has chosen Colombia as one of its top ten travel hotspots forin large part because of the improvement in safety. But care is still needed. America's State Department and the British Foreign Office also warn travellers against wandering into rural areas. The network also relies on journalists stationed at some of the 26 zones where former guerrillas are transitioning to civilian life.

A military attack on their main encampment led to the creation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc. It has sought to make the conservative oligarchy share power and prioritized land reform in a country where more than 5 million people have been forcibly displaced, mostly by far-right militias in the service of ranchers, businessmen and drug traffickers. The Farc lost popularity as it turned to kidnapping, extortion and taxes on cocaine production and illegal gold mining to fund its insurgency. The State Department classifies the group as a terrorist organization and its leaders face U.

Bush administration called the world's largest drug-trafficking organization. In the past two decades, most of the killings were inflicted by the militias, which made peace with the government in An unidentified Farc rebel commander salutes at a peasants during an improvised parade in a central street of San Vicente del Caguan, February 7, The Farc abducted ranchers, politicians and soldiers and often held them for years in jungle prison camps. Its captives included former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three U. Another effort fell apart in after the rebels hijacked an airliner to kidnap a senator.

The latest talks had gone on since in Havana and culminated Wednesday evening with a deal after the last issues were resolved.

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