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To this end, the Past's most powerful sorcerer, Shang Tsungnames the exclusive of the Princess with the whole of the Tarkatan species. Right, Kitana lessons mad in the means of her own palace, with no one getting her to be the up Princess. Your site has been posted. For a girl, Kitana and Mileena work together as years in Shao Kahn's label; though real her companion, Mileena's any task is to message any suspicious activity to her Know.

Not content to let his experiment frim to waste, Mileena is trained as a personal guard and insinuated into his daughter's company as her sister. For a time, Kitana and Mileena work together as assassins in Shao Kahn's service; though ostensibly her companion, Mileena's true task is to report any suspicious activity to her Emperor. Moortal the events of the second tournamentshe finds that Kitana is indeed in league with Earthrealm's warriors. Too enraged to notify Kahn, Mileena attacks her sister personally. Kitana prevails against her, killing Mileena and sending her soul to the Netherrealm. Shinnok's Servant Discovered by ShinnokMileena finds herself resurrected in the Netherrealm in order to serve him.

The process of resurrection has given her the further ability to read her sister's thoughts. Though she would like nothing more than the mmortal to take her revenge on Kitana, she will not have the chance, as Shinnok summons her back to modtal Netherrealm nnaked after Kahn's defeat to assist him with Meljna of his own. During Shinnok's war against the Elder GodsMarried white male looking for a fun female in sisimiut assists the fallen deity in conquering Edenia and capturing its rulers. Wishing to prove her Sluts contact in algeria, Mileena allows the Princess to escape in order to face Melina from mortal kombat naked in Kombat.

The tables would be turned upon Shinnok's defeat, however, with Mileena being sealed away in an Edenian prison, where she would stay for several years. Found by her one-time ally Barakahe convinces her to serve the Dragon Me,ina, where she is kojbat to exact vengeance on her sister by posing as the leader Meliina the Princess's armies. Though aligned with Onaga, Mileena begins to entertain the idea of using the Edenian army to her own ends. Taking advantage of the weakened status of her former master, she storms Shao Kahn's fortress, declaring herself the ruler of Outworld. For a times she has the most powerful forces in either Outworld and Edenia.

Mileena as Kitana commanding the Edenian military Her reign is to be short-lived, however. Having restored his former strength during the time of ArmageddonShao Kahn now assaults his own fortress with the aid of Goro and Shang Tsung. Trying to shield herself from the Emperor's wrath, Mileena barricades herself in the throne room, and has her sorcerers cast a defensive barrier on the door. Even being magically bolstered, it is no match for Shao Kahn's brute strength, and soon Mileena is face to face with the Emperor. Still believing her to be Kitana, the remaining defenders rush to her aid, only to find themselves stabbed from behind by their "princess".

Choosing fealty over death, Mileena reveals her identity to Kahn, and swears her allegiance. Upon her surrender, Mileena is tasked with the capture of Shujinkowhom Kahn believes will be useful in swaying Onaga to his side. Shujinko accepts an invitation from Mileena, presumably under the guise of Kitana; upon his arrival at Kahn's fortress, he is faced with the risen Emperor and his allies. Mileena captures him personally, fulfilling her duty to Kahn. But having been ruler for a time, she now chafes at the thought of servitude. Unfortunately, she realizes that while Shao Kahn lives, she has no hope of retaking the throne of Outworld.

For this reason she travels to Edenia, hoping to reclaim her position there. Endings Though mostly non-canonical, there is usually interesting information revealed about Mileena in her endings, such as her secret alliance with Baraka. It is worth noting that despite stating that Baraka was killed, her Deception ending is still considered canon, as Baraka sends another Tarkatan in his place. Launching an attack on the distracted Emperor and his forces, they are no match for her speed. Having vanquished Kahn, Mileena rules as Outword's queen, with Baraka her king.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 non-canon Winning the third tournament once again allows Mileena to become the queen of Outworld. Aided by Baraka, she captures Sindel and Kitana, and uses them as leverage to force Shao Kahn to create fourth tournament. This time Baraka will win, becoming the ultimate champion of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat Trilogy non-canon Driven by fear of Shinnok, who resurrected her, Mileena's goal is to subvert Kahn's invasion in preparation for her new master's war. Her ability to read Kitana's thoughts and the motives of Earth's warriors is quite effective to that end, and when she finally destroys her father, Shinnok steps forth to claim the realm for himself.

Mortal Kombat Gold non-canon Confronting her sister in her throne room, Mileena demands that Kitana submit to her and bequeath her title. Maintaining defiance, Kitana ridicules her sister's origin as a slave created by Shang Tsung, telling her she would never be accepted as royalty. Despite acknowledging the truth of these words, Mileena is enraged, hurling Kitana from a window at the back of her throne room. Wait, weren't we friends? Deception canon Mileena has no trouble taking control of Kitana's armies in disguise, as most assumed her dead long ago. She gives command of her armies to Bo Rai Choinstructing him to act against Baraka's Tarkatan horde.

To her surprise, he prevails, and with the most powerful army in either Outworld or Edenia now at her command, she is closer to her goal than ever.

With only one loose end to tie up, she requests Baraka's presence at the Beetle's Lairwhere she ambushes and kills him. Having slain the only person who knew of her deception, she is now free to pose indefinitely as Princess Kitana. Armageddon non-canon With the power of BlazeKitana and Mileena are made one for a single moment. While Mileena is made whole Melina from mortal kombat naked this process, her sister has been granted a set of razor-sharp Tarkatan teeth. Mileena is finally able to ascend the Edenian throne without needing her mask.

Meanwhile I was at a meeting that my father had made, he was still going on about the same old bullshit about taking over Earthrealm and stuff like he's really gonna take over this time. My father announce that the meeting was over and everyone went back to whatever they were doing, I looked over to where Kitana was talking to Jade, I could hear them whispering. I'm so glad for once it's not about me but instead it was about something else. I saw them sneakily walking out Father's conference room together, I have no idea what it is about me but I had to find out what they were up to.

So without them knowing, I followed them. They walked for a long time and in a hasty speed, I couldn't walk that fast but luckily I was able to find out where they were. They walked in Kitana's room and closed the door behind them. I slowly walked up to the door and crept the door open slowly only to see them making out in a hot flash of heat. I seen the tongues rolling, the hands touching, the bodies touching, clothing being taken off, and everything and pretty soon they started to get naked and all afternoon I seen my sister having lesbian sex with her friend.

The Next Day, I was still walking I had nothing better to do, I still roamed the hallways till I heard my name being called, it was Kitana. I have to find out for sure.

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I just thought I invite na,ed for a movie fron. I…I guess I could stay. As the story unfolds, she got closer and closer on the couch until finally her hand brushes my leg. Strangely Kokbat don't seem Melinaa Melina from mortal kombat naked as her hand rest on my leg, mid-thigh. She kind of cuddle into me, I could feel her breast on my kombt. I tried to play cool and continued watching the movie I felt her turn her head and look at me. I bit my lip thinking about the move she's gonna make on me next. She took her hand and placed underneath my chin making my head turns towards her, I looked into her eyes and before I knew it, her lips was on mine.

Her lips were so soft and the kiss was unbelievably fantastic, feeling her pink lips on my red lips. Her lips taste good too, she cups my face and licks my lips, I was really hoping she access more of her sweet taste in my mouth. Then the next thing I knew our bodies turn toward each other as our kiss deepens. Her hand travels from her cheek down to my breast. Damn, I can feel my nipples through my bra; I could feel hers as well. I felt her hand shyly close over my breast and it was like a lightning bolt through my pussy. I slowly massaged her breast anticipating more. My heart races as her hand traces to the bottom of my shirt.

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