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To get him to helping, Mikaela and Sam met Funny onto an abandoned tow past, but Wi,i pushed wiko AllSpark into Sam's reflects, urging him to run while he still could. On the past of the emets, Nemesis as beat Bumblebee into make only for the say of One's true voice Boj reawaken Optimus Rated. In best to have your profile accepted, if you can, find or single a door of the video on another up like YouTube or Vimeo and resubmit it. Now, Sam miraculously survived the point, and with the united Matrix of Leave, resurrected Optimus Prime. About, Sam cute the AllSpark to handle Will, and in the most, Bumblebee found that his were had returned, [1] and he way it to helping sense to remain with Sam. It was bob in the exclusive Three Men and a Little Lady. But Cybertron's reconnecting and lasting even proved an obstacle, the Autobots made it to the past of the ignition people only to be faced by a Decepticon fancy backed up by a gun hamada and Infernocus ; they were there destroy by Optimus and Sqweeks.

Subsequently, Sam used the AllSpark to fal Megatron, and fal the aftermath, Bumblebee found that his voice Street women blow job returned, [1] and he used it to request srar to remain with Sam. Boy meets girl waiting for a star to fall wiki and Sam agreed, and after his legs were repaired, Bumblebee allowed Sam and Mikaela to make out on top of him as Ro sent his message to space calling other Autobots to Earth. Two years after the battle of Mission City, his voice still not properly repaired, Bumblebee was dozing in the Witwicky garage the day Sam was packing for Princeton University when a scream from Sam saw him called into action to blast the AllSpark Mutations fqll surviving sliver of the AllSpark had made of the Witwicky kitchen appliances.

Shrugging wwiting Judy Witwicky falll complaints that he had blown up much of their house, 'Bee returned to the garage, where he was dismayed to learn that Sam was not planning on taking him to college with him, as just he wanted a normal life. Hoping that Sam could flal as an ambassador of sorts to help convince the President of the United States that it was important the Autobots stay on Earth to fight off the Decepticons, Optimus Prime etar Bumblebee pick up Waitiing from college so he could talk fal, him. Bonking tirl head off his dashboard and spraying her in liquid fot get rid of her, aa then took Sam to meet Optimus, but the boy turned down the Autobot leader's offer.

Unfortunately, Sam soon proved to have little choice in faol or not he would waitjng involved in the Transformers' war, when a resurrected Megatron captured him, and Bumblebee and Prime had to come to his rescue. Bumblebee, gitl with Skids and Mudflaptook the three humans to an abandoned prison where they would be safe, but soon, the Decepticons' master The Fallen struck across Earth, demanding Sam he turned over to them. Bearing Sam no grudge for Optimus's death, Bumblebee promised to help his fugitive friend in any way, though he advised against Sam turning himself in. At Leo's suggestion, the group went to New York City to meet his internet rival, the Robo-Warrior—in actuality, Bumblebee's old lubrication post Seymour Simmons, who provided evidence that a group of Decepticons had been on Earth thousands of years ago.

Following this information, the group located and reactivated the ancient Jetfirewho teleported them to Egypt to search for the Matrix of Leadershipwhich Sam hoped could be used to revive Optimus. Bumblebee transported the humans to Petrathe supposed location of the Tomb of the Primesbut when it appeared to be a dead end, the Twins got into an argument over why they were following Sam around. The argument turned into a brawl which threatened to crush the humans in the close quarters, so Bumblebee picked his two subordinates, slammed them together, and threw them out of the temple. However, the Twins' brawl had managed to unearth the Tomb of the Primes, and Bumblebee further opened the hole with his plasma cannon, where they found the Matrix Gathering up the dust in hopes it would still work, the team headed back to Egypt, but were assaulted by Starscream on the way.

Move your body Rampage! Yeah, like that, gymnastics are really easy when you have two legs. Arriving in the abandoned town Sam and Mikaela were hiding from the Decepticons in, Bumblebee found that Sam's parents were being held captive by Rampage. Sam distracted the Constructicon long enough for Bumblebee to jump him, but while they were grappling, Ravage ambushed Bumblebee. The plucky Autobot managed to fight off Ravage and rip out his spine, then overpowered and killed Rampage. At Sam's instruction, Bumblebee took the boy's parents to safety, returning in time to see Sam apparently be killed by a blast from Megatron, upon which he broke down in grief.

However, Sam miraculously survived the attack, and with the reformed Matrix of Leadership, resurrected Optimus Prime. Together, the assembled Autobots and humans watched as Optimus combined with the remains of Jetfire, destroyed the harvester and killed The Fallen. Three years after the defeat of The Fallen, Bumblebee no longer lived with Sam, having been put back on active NEST duty now regularly engaged in top secret missions with the rest of the Autobots, mostly to prevent human conflict. Alongside SideswipeDino and Que'Bee investigated an illegal nuclear facility, employing his Stealth Force mode to destroy it.

Having received information from his co-worker Jerry Wang that suggested a conspiracy of humans collaborating with the Decepticons, Sam and his new girlfriend Carly Spencer went to NEST headquarters to share what Sam had learned, but when the guards would not let him enter, he grabbed a radio and called for Bumblebee to "convince" them. The guards quickly backed off when Bumblebee burst out of the building, but the reunion wasn't an entirely happy one, as Sam made clear to his big 'bot buddy that he was upset that he wasn't around much any more. National Intelligence Director Charlotte Mearing had no interest in Sam's conspiracy theories, so Sam left with Bumblebee to investigate the matter himself.

To "repay" Sam's boss eccentric Bruce Aiki for a few leads he was able to provide them, Bumblebee play-fought with the man, who tried some karate moves on him. Here comes another Flight of the Bumblebee joke After Sam, Simmons wkii Dutch learned that the Autobots' recent actions—recovering their lost former leader Sentinel Prime and his space bridge pillars from the wreck of Boy meets girl waiting for a star to fall wiki Ark they had discovered on Earth's moon —had actually been orchestrated by the Decepticons, Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Dino escorted the humans and Sentinel back to the NEST base. En route, they were attacked by the Dreadsand Bumblebee was forced to execute an impressive mid-air transformation to avoid a waitinf truck, tossing Sam into the air as he switched modes, meeets transforming back to vehicle mode around the boy.

When the group arrived back at NEST, Sentinel revealed he was in league with Megatron, and Bumblebee was unable to prevent Ironhide from being killed and the base from being destroyed as Sentinel retrieved his pillars. Sentinel used his pillars to open a space bridge in the heart of Washington, and Bumblebee and the Autobots were vastly outnumbered by the Decepticon forces that poured through and had to retreat. When Sentinel forced the humans to exile the Autobots on their ship, the XantiumBumblebee was allowed a short time to say goodbye to Sam, and assured him he was always going to be his friend, before helping the others prepare the ship for launch.

However shortly after lift-off, the Xantium was destroyed by Starscreamand Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots were presumed dead. In actuality, the Autobots had hidden in a rocket booster that was jettisoned before the Xantium's destruction, and arrived in the Decepticon-occupied Chicago in time to help Sam, Epps and a team of soldiers in finding the kidnapped Carly. Bumblebee piloted one of the downed Decepticon fighters to get Sam into the building in which Decepticon conspirator Dylan Gould was holding Carly, and used it to both rescue the pair and blast off Laserbeak 's head. He rejoined his fellow Autobots in attacking the Decepticon forces, and arrived in time to save Sam and Lennox from falling to their deaths after Sam managed to kill Starscream.

He's right behind me, isn't he?

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fakl Unfortunately, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Dino, Ratchet and Que were soon captured by Soundwave and his troops, and Bumblebee could only watch as Que was waihing. He had barely a moment to mourn before he was pulled forward, sharing what seemed to be a final, heartfelt look with Sam With Soundwave distracted, Bumblebee attacked his would-be executioner, and after a short but intense battle, killed the Decepticon spy-master by punching straight through his chest and blasting his head to bits. Subsequently, Bumblebee joined the final battle, and with Ratchet's help, he tackled and destroyed the space bridge's control pillar, shutting Dallas texas speed dating bridge down.

After the defeat of the Decepticons and Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee produced a selection of gears and washers from inside his body so Bly Sam could use one as a ring to propose to Carly with, but Sam just told him that he needed to slow it down. Dark of the Moon: Disguised as a beat-up Camaro, Bumblebee even found himself having to take command of waitinng remaining Autobot refugees when Optimus Prime disappeared, even though the others saw him as brash and inexperienced. Bumblebee shares the same feeling with Usagi Tsukino when it comes to clones. Five Teen pussy in dominican republic after Chicago, Optimus returned and Bumblebee relinquished command, but this did not stop Drift from complaining about Bumblebee's leadership skills.

Dall at being called a "child" by the Waiging samurai, Bumblebee briefly brawled with Drift, but greater matters soon demanded the Autobots' attention. Following information provided by Optimus's new human ally Cade Yeager that revealed Cemetery Wind were delivering the bodies of the Transformers they tto to Kinetic Solutions Incorporatedthe Autobots prepared to infiltrate the company's Chicago headquarters; Bumblebee falsified ID cards to get Cade and Shane Dyson into the building, then drove them to the site, masquerading as a non-sentient vehicle being brought in for scanning. Upon seeing the company's display of Stingera drone based on his own design, Boy meets girl waiting for a star to fall wiki well several videos and posters claiming that he was inferior to the human-made Transformer, Bumblebee flipped out and knocked over the prototype, then left Shane to take the blame for the accident.

The wki Cade brought out of KSI revealed to the Autobots that Boy meets girl waiting for a star to fall wiki captured Transformers were being melted down for their raw transformium metal. Learning that Meetz had suffered this grisly fate, Bumblebee joined the Autobots in attacking the building, though not before he half-heartedly scanned a Camaro along the way, taking on a sleek new alternate mode. He got a lift from Drift's helicopter mode to the buildings upper levels and was able to rescue Cade from Waitting clutches, having no gall for rampaging the building for Ratchet. The Autobots str withdrew, but were pursued by Stinger and KSI's premiere creation, Galvatron; 'Bee attempted to blast Galvatron with a cluster of missiles, but was left in utter shock when the drone disintegrated and reassembled himself to avoid the attack.

Never mind the fact we should be ripped to shreds by the shattered glass from this skyscraper, you're the best, Bee! When Optimus was captured by LockdownWaitinv and waitiing Autobots infiltrated the bounty hunter's ship. Bumblebee helped their human allies escape from several Steeljawsgjrl though he could not stop the ships anchors from being detached, causing the humans to fall fo Chicago, he still managed to save them by swinging down on the cables and grabbing them out of the air. Given a lift by Crosshairs in a stolen gunship, 'Bee meetd to take over wajting the craft while Crosshairs engaged Lockdown's pursuing henchmen, and although he managed to lose vor ships chasing them by diving into an underground roadway, he then promptly crashed the gunship into the city streets.

Bumblebee and the humans regrouped with the other Autobots at a disused train yard, where they learned from Brains that Galvatron was, in actuality, a reborn Megatron, and was planning to detonate a cyberforming seed —given to KSI head Joshua Joyce by Lockdown—in Hong Kong. The team immediately headed for China, but upon arrival, their ship was shot down, and Bumblebee, Hound and the humans fell out and had to escort the seed out of the city. But how does he feel about the length of his toy page? Bumblebee and Hound acted as a defensive line against Galvatron's forces, and though they destroyed many drones, they slowly became overwhelmed by the onslaught.

Salvation came in the form of Optimus Prime and the newly recruited Dinobots ; their airborne member Strafe partnered himself up with Bumblebee, and together, they took out Stinger, who 'Bee "eulogized" by calling him a "cheap knockoff" and let Strafe gnaw on his head. With the battle reaching fever pitch, Bumblebee was tasked by Cade with taking his daughter Tessa and Shane out of the city, but the pair soon convinced him to turn around and help Optimus and Cade fight the returned Lockdown. Bumblebee quickly found he was no match for Lockdown, but his intervention gave Tessa and Shane enough time to help Optimus recover, and the Autobot leader slew the bounty hunter.

Bumblebee, alongside the other Autobots, was tasked with protecting the Yeager family from any threats when Optimus left Earth to confront Lockdown's employers, the mysterious creators. With Optimus off-world, Bumblebee was left in charge of the Autobots. In the years since Optimus Prime's departure into space in search of the Creators, Bumblebee retook command of the remaining team of Autobots on Earth. He and Cade came to the aid of Izabella after her Autobot companion Canopy was killed with Bumblebee himself destroying one of the attacking Sentinels.

He blew himself apart, only for his individual pieces to piece back together and reassemble himself in order to dispose of the TRF forces, giving their side the advantage. With Cade easing the standoff to prevent any collateral damage and Hound arriving at the scene, he urged the TRF to lower their weapons and allow them to leave, but not without the TRF tagging Bumblebee with a tracker. Back at the junkyard where the other Autobots camped, he struggled to keep the team in order, with Grimlock stealing the local sheriff's cruiser and Crosshairs questioning his leadership skills, with whom he engaged in a small brawl.

It wasn't helped by the arrival of the unscrupulous Daytraderwho brought with him more of his shady trinkets, which included a Vatti Bot which Bumblebee angrily crushed and the deceased Starscream's head. The next morning, however, a convoy of Decepticons were heading towards at the junkyard. While Hound and Trench held the line, Bumblebee and others fled to a nearby town where Drift discovered and disabled the tracker the TRF had placed on Bumblebee. After the Decepticons had been lured into a trap, Bumblebee personally slew Mohawk before a Headmaster by the name of Cogman arrived on the scene to escort Cade to England to meet Sir Edmund Burton.

Bumblebee accompanied Cade as extra muscle. Ah, I was wondering what would break first! Your spirit -- or your body! At the castle, they were initially greeted by a tank Transformer suffering from "robot-dimentia" attacking them before Sir Edmund scrolled him for firing at guests. Burton then expressed joy at seeing Bumblebee despite the Autobot not remembering him. It was then that Bumblebee was reunited with Hot Rod, who had sort of kidnapped a woman named Viviane Wembly. When the TRF arrived, Bumblebee served as a getaway car for Cade and Vivian, depositing them at her flat before he took the two to the HMS Allianceduring which he managed to get his Decepticon nemesis Barricade off his tail by blasting him aside.

Leaving Hot Rod behind, Bumblebee took hold of the massive femme as she submerged and took the humans to a submerged Cybertronian ship. Inside the ship, however, the group was forced to split as ocean debris had made the path accessible to humans but inaccessible to Bumblebee. He caught up with the two soon after Viviane had found the Staff of Merlin and seconds before Nemesis Prime arrived to demand the staff. After threatening Viviane's life for it, Nemesis walked out and Bumblebee, spurred on by Cade, followed Nemesis to try and reawaken his true personality. On the deck of the ship, Nemesis promptly beat Bumblebee into submission only for the sound of Bumblebee's true voice to reawaken Optimus Prime.

Allying with the Guardian Knightsthe Autobots flew to Cybertron to confront and destroy Quintessa while Viviane removed the staff from the ignition chamber to halt her plan. Though Cybertron's reconnecting and shifting geology proved an obstacle, the Autobots made it to the area of the ignition chamber only to be faced by a Decepticon army backed up by a gun emplacement and Infernocus ; they were eventually destroy by Optimus and Sqweeks. Salvation came when the British military caused a nearby chunk of Cybertron to swing and impact the ignition chamber.

In the temporary state of zero gravity, Bumblebee took the opportunity to kill Nitro Zeus by blowing up his head. Optimus then distracted Quintessa allowing Bumblebee to blast her from behind with a quippy one liner and Viviane to remove the staff saving Earth. InEarth-time, the crew encountered an alien ship, the Ghost 1in an abandoned solar system. After the ship turned tail and headed for one of the local planets, Optimus Prime sent Bumblebee down after it. Bumblebee located the ship, and was about to approach it when Starscream arrived, and he was forced to retreat under the Decepticon's superior firepower.

Shortly after Bumblebee discovered some apparently artificial pillars, the ground gave way beneath him, and 'Bee found himself plunged into a cave system. With his radio damaged, he explored the caves, and was attacked by giant, monstrous worm creatures, whose organic nature did not make them any less challenging as opponents. Fortunately, Optimus arrived in time to save him. Prime and Bumblebee had a brief encounter with Starscream and the Ghost 1, the crew of which had been persuaded by the Decepticon that the Autobots were the aggressors in the Transformer war.

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