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Would you rather questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Would You Rather Questions For Teens Would you rather have live one flirtu years in the future or one hundred years in the past? Would you rather have only two close friends or many acquaintances? Would you rather have to listen to music all of the time or not be rxther to listen to music at all? Would you rather always have to sing instead of speaking or dance everywhere you went? Would you rather be very short or extremely tall? Would you rather have bad breath and body odor the entire day or be completely naked? Would you rather have overly large hands or very small feet? Would you rather not use your computer for a month or not eat junk food flirtt a month?

Would you rather have friends that are smarter than you or friends that are much better looking than you? Would you rather lose Quewtions ability to speak or have to say everything you are thinking? Would you rather be the teacher at your school or the janitor? Would you rather questoins Good would you rather questions flirty Narnia or go quewtions school at Hogwarts? Would you rather live without your phone for two weeks or your computer for a month? Would you rather have to eat a bowl full of worms or a live frog? Would You Rather Questions for your Boyfriend If ever your ex whom you truly loved at one time says that she is regretful for whatever wrongs she has done and want you back in her life; would you break-up with the current girlfriend and go back or rather ignore your ex and stay with your current girl?

Would you ever read the texts that your girlfriend sent you after both of you have broken-up and remembered the good times or would you rather delete all memories of her from your phone and try to forget that she existed in your life? You should answer the questions along with your SO or at least think about how you would answer each question before you ask them. For a lot of the questions it will help if you have the same answers, like both people being a night bird or an early riser. For other questions it might be better to have different answers; for example two people with high, but differing aspirations, will be bad since one of you will have to give up your dreams.

They are just for helping you find out a little more about the person you are dating or want to date. So without further ado here are some would you rather questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend! Would you rather questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend list Would you rather be happy and content but not achieve much or never be satisfied but achieve a lot? Would you rather take a vow of celibacy or take a vow of silence? Would you rather be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life or have no SO for the rest of your life? Would you rather wear comfortable clothes or fashionable clothes?

Would you rather stay in or go out for a date? Would you rather watch a comedy movie or a horror movie? Would you rather get up early or stay up late? Would you rather spend the day inside or outside? Would you rather go to a bar, a club, a house party, or just stay home? Would you rather ask for help or figure it out yourself? Would you rather go to a fancy, expensive restaurant or a cheaper relaxed atmosphere where the food is equally good?

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